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ADD-1 Drums Part I

ADD-1 Drums Part I
Exclusively made for the KVRDC14.

420 free drum samples for your beats!

The ADD-one is a real nice little gem. Basically it is a drum machine from the 80s containing ROM samples from different drum sounds. With the help of an external disk drive users can also record their own samples. But the most interesting part is the engine behind the 12 bit converters. Analog envelopes and analog filters are used for the signal path and features like LFO and auxiliary envelopes give many possibilities to sculpt the sound of the waveform.

This unique drum machine is actually not as famous as many of it’s counterparts but it’s getting more popular thanks to praising reviews recently published on the web.

Maybe because this piece of gear is a hard to find obscurity, there is not one sample pack dedicated to this instrument. Well, until now.

With this sample pack we present you the first drum collection exclusively made with the ADD-one. Everything is recorded directly from the output in 24-bit and 44.1 kHz. We extensively made use of the synthesis engine, the filter and the possibility to layer samples.

This package contains 420 WAV-files located in two folders.

The 4 Velocities folder contains samples recorded with four different velocities. The samples with the 1 at the end are recorded with the lowest velocity whereas the samples indicated with a 4 at the end were done with the max velocity. The numbers 2 and 3 are the velocities between as you can guess ;)

The One-Shots folder contains a nice collection of one-shot samples. We got kicks, snares, cymbals & hats, claps, percussion, toms and sounds we labeled sounds/FX. Some of them can be used together, they are the same sound treated with different pitches, envelope or filter settings. The file names and the numbers indicate which samples belong together.

All samples are 24 bit 44.1 kHz mono WAV-files.

All files will work in your favorite music program like Logic, Live, Reason, Cubase, GarageBand or FL Studio. You can also use these sounds with Maschine or the Elektron Octatrack.

Because these samples are in mono you get great flexibility. Pan them in the stereo field and apply your own effects on them.

And they are free! If you like them we are lucky if you share this on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. :)

Get it for free at KVR!